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Doylestown magician Eddy Ray began learning and performing magic at the tender age of 5. By high school he traveled to Las Vegas and competed in a World Competition being noted as one of the top 8 teenage magicians in the country. Since this time, Eddy has been performing full time all over the world, including the far reaches of Japan!

Eddy Ray on TLC

Eddy Ray on TLC

Eddy is not only an accomplished magician but is also an author of two books on magic. Aside from the books Eddy is also a featured instructor in 12 dvd’s teaching sleight of hand magic.

Eddy Ray has performed for many companies including: J.C Ehrlich, Home Depot, Whirpool, WEEU Radio, and many more. Whether you need entertainment now or in the future please contact Eddy Ray and see how he can help make your event magical!