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Trying to make your next family reunion, gathering, or party fun and exciting? Eddy Ray has the perfect solution for any family event or party. Imagine your family and guests laughing, smiling, and being genuinely entertained by an incredible magic show from Doylestown magician Eddy Ray.

Family Audience Watching Eddy Ray

Family Audience Watching Eddy Ray

Doylestown magician Eddy Ray has lots of magic entertainment packages that can fit just about any kind of event. Read below to find out more details on how he can make your family event memorable!

Amazing Stand-Up Comedy Magic Shows by Doylestown Magician Eddy Ray

Eddy’s stand-up comedy magic shows are perfect for groups of 20 or even a few hundred people. He mixes visual sleight of hand magic, comedy, audience participation, and mind reading into a fast paced energetic show that your guests will talk about well after the event is over.

  • Can be customized to fit your event. Show length normally ranges from 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  • Interactive participation. Your guests become the stars.
  • Visual enough for everyone to enjoy. Small or large audiences.
  • Show can be setup indoors and outdoors.

Mind Blowing Close-Up Strolling/Mingle Magic by Doylestown Magician Eddy Ray

Eddy can stroll around and seamlessly fit into your event while amazing and delighting small groups of people at a time. Basically, small groups of 5-7 people will get a close-up and intimate magic show featuring incredible sleight of hand, interactive magic, mind reading and more. This mingle type magic entertainment can be performed at almost any event inside or out.

  • Can fit any type of event
  • Usually can cover up to 100 people within an hour
  • World class sleight of hand magic to dazzle your guests
  • The event keeps going. Eddy can perform his mingle magic as your event continues with other attractions, cocktails, food, etc.

This is just a small glance of  the magic entertainment Doylestown magician Eddy Ray offers. Many people combine both the stand-up and mingle magic to create the ultimate magic experience at their event.

For more details, info, pricing, and availability please call the #1 magician in Doylestown, PA today! Eddy will contact you regarding your event shortly! Contact him now, your event depends on it and your guests will thank you for providing them with such an incredible time!

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